Going the places that scare you: 10 Tips I’ve learned since starting my online biz

May 14, 2015

I've made a lot of mistakes in my life. Have lots of regrets. Truly received an excellent education from "the school of hard knocks." One of those places where I've made many mistakes is in my online biz as a speaker, author, and entrepreneur. I wish I'd had someone from the beginning to show me the way to success, to avoid all those mistakes. But now I can pass them onto you to help you avoid them and to achieve your success easier and faster! I've done many things that have scared me, like speaking publicly (I used to be terrified of it, but now love it!), doing webinars and telecalls, and creating vidoes on YouTube. Sometimes you have to go the places that scare you to achieve your purpose, to grow as a person, and to help and encourage others. To learn more about my speaking and books, visit http://www.BethJones.net and my Facebook business page at https://www.facebook.com/BethJones.net. 


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