Peace In Your Storm

June 20, 2015

Have you ever been through a bad storm-a hurricane, a tornado, or a thunderstorm? Recently my husband Ray and I went through a terrifying thunderstorm in Texas: it was lightning, hailing, and whole trees had fallen across the highway that were like an obstacle course. God protected us and brought us back safely to Ray's parents' home there. What about a spiritual/emotional storm such as the events which just happened in Charleston, SC, where a young man, Dylann Roof, allegedly shot and killed 9 people inside the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church? How do you even begin to cope with such a tragedy? In this podcast, I share how difficult forgiveness is in a situation like this and yet God commands it in Mark 11:25 and Matthew 18:21-22. Listen in as I testify from my own life how Jesus can be your peace and your anchor even in the worst storms of life, and about my new, first-ever fiction book I'm writing, Storm Tossed. To find out more about my speaking and books, visit 


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