Beth Jones International Speaker

The Coronavirus and other bad news; Don’t be afraid

January 25, 2020

I don't read the news a lot because so much of it is negative and I believe it induces fear for the purpose of the government controlling the masses. But I read just enough of the big news to stay current, usually on Facebook. Recently the Coronavirus is in the news. It is believed to have started in Wuhan in a seafood market from animals, which spread to humans. So far as of this podcast, 41 people have died and 1,355 have been infected. China's Leader Xi Jinping has suspended travel abroad and the State Department has ordered all American workers at the U.S. Consulate in Wuhan to evacuate. It has spread to other nations such as Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, France, and possibly the U.S. The news headlines today are scary. Luke 21:25-26 warns that in the end times, people would feel terrified at what is coming. God doesn't want you and me afraid, but to believe in and trust in Him. Today's episode shares encouraging Scriptures to battle the spirit of anxiety and fear. Be sure to check out my book on this topic, Metamorphosis: Transformed From Fear to Faith, at

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