Beth Jones International Speaker

The seed in your heart

May 7, 2018

Is the seed in your heart growing and producing a harvest of righteousness? What kind of soil does your heart have? Recently I changed the theme on my website at, and the header has a beautfiul sunflower picture. Sunflowers have many seeds and there are some fascinating facts about sunflowers. One is that sunflowers track the sun, following the sun across the sky as the earth moves each day. Sunflowers always face the light. Even as sunflowers follow the sun and the light, may we as believers follow the Son and the Light, Jesus. In this podcast, I share about Jesus' parable on the farmer scattering the seed. What kind of soil is in your heart? Is the seed bearing fruit, or have the enemy Satan, distractions, and the cares of this worlder stolen the seed and choked it out? Consider and pray if your heart's soil is fertible, ready to receive and grow God's word to produce an abundant harvest of righteousness. Remember to sow good seed iday and night nto the life of others, sharing your love, spiritual gifts, time, money, and efforts. Luke 8:4-15 and Ecclesiastes 11:6 are the main scriptures for today's study.