Beth Jones International Speaker

There is war over your writing

March 6, 2018

Recently I was chatting with a friend who is excited about nearing the completion of writing and publishing her first book. But she also shared how lately she has felt fatigued and wondered if it is related to spiritual warfare. In this podcast, I share that there is spiritual warfare over your writing. The spiritual realm is real and we must use spiritual weapons to defeat Satan. That is why you struggle with procrastination, perfectionism, distractions, busyness, laziness, suddenly wanting to eat junk food or do a movie binge, clean, or any number of things that hinder or stop you from writing! God has given you a talent and ability to write, which is a precious gift. The enemy Satan doesn't want you to write, because it's a threat to his kingdom of darkness. He knows that God gave you this gift to write for His glory and to help others. Be encouraged and empowered to keep writing!